Wednesday, April 20, 2016

16 weeks. Almost.

I figured it was time to give an update about how this pregnancy is going (and a little about Gabe). We announced over a month ago now, when I was 10w2d. So much has changed since then! Like how far along I am, which is nearly 16 weeks (that's not 4 months just so you know, I'm still 5 and a half months out from my due date.

When I announced, I said I was feeling fine. It was true! I thought for sure I was in the clear for morning sickness since I got morning sickness with Peyton at 7 weeks. Unfortunately the morning sickness kicked in the day after we announced. Luckily I don't throw up every day, but I wouldn't make it through a lot of days without my trusty Zofran (aka one of my current best friends). For a few weeks I only threw up on Tuesdays. Then my migraines started kicking in a bazillion times worse than normal, and worse than my last pregnancy, and I started throwing up whenever those hit, so my Tuesday streak was over. In fact, I tend to throw up on the side of the road right after I've left somewhere in a hurry, like church. At least I haven't thrown up in front of anyone but Gabe...yet! My migraines have been pretty severe, so my doctor gave me Fiorcet with Codeine (my other best friend right now) which takes some of the pressure off for a few hours. Without it I can't walk or talk, so it's necessary. I hate taking all of these meds, but I have a 3 year old and I can only be a lump on the couch for so long before she gets grouchy.

I chose to see a doctor in Orlando, which means an hour drive to the hospital for delivery (but let's get real, labor with Peyton was 31 hours so I'm not hoping for anything lower than 12 at this point). I'm glad someone recommended this doctor because he's properly concerned about my heart. I will be seeing a maternal fetal medicine doctor (high risk ob) as well as my regular doctor for the duration of the pregnancy so they can decide how and when I should deliver. I had heart issues my last pregnancy, but a lot of problems could be traced back to dehydration. This time I'm plenty hydrated, and the issues are more severe and started 9 weeks earlier. My poor husband has had to escort me to couches several times because my limbs go week and I can't hold myself up. He's had to push me into different positions because when I lay down when it acts up, sometimes I can't breathe and it hurts. I almost passed out in front of my junior primary kids while teaching sharing time because my heart rate suddenly escalated and then plummeted for no reason. And of course the frequency of my migraines is a problem because it exacerbates my heart symptoms. The two combined are terrible. The first time it happened Gabe almost took me to the hospital and I thought for sure it was the end for me. Ha!

We don't know why this is happening, but it is and it's happening more often over silly little things. I even have to pull over because I become dizzy and can't catch my breath while quietly singing along to the radio. It's kind of terrifying sometimes. We know I have a heart murmur and irregular heart beat, but everyone has thought that it's just because I had the defect. It took them 20 years to find that, so I'm not confident in any doctor that tells me my heart is fine. Been there done that, almost died. I'm going to be seeing a cardiologist soon. Them combined with the MFM and regular ob make me confident that baby and I will be well taken care of. I'm curious to see how the rest of this pregnancy goes. 

15 weeks
Obviously I popped. I try hard to suck it in, but it just isn't working. It popped at 14 weeks. I'm too small for most maternity pants, but too big for my regular ones, so I'm in the awkward "she's gaining weight" stage. But I lost 11 pounds initially and have only gained 1 pound back, so I don't know why the heck I'm so big already! Obviously this isn't my first pregnancy. I looked like this at like 22 or 23 weeks with Ptown! I'm surviving in Lularoe leggings (seriously the best). I only have 2 pairs, so I need more so I don't have to do laundry every other day. Baby is doing well, still has a good, high heart rate. I started feeling some movements about a week ago. Which doesn't surprise me because I got the flutters at 14 weeks with Peyton as well (confirmed with ultrasound) while laying in a hospital bed. I don't feel it all the time, only when I'm laying flat on my back, but he/she is there! I'm excited for big movements.

Ptown is excited. Of course, she's in for a big surprise when baby actually comes home, but right now she's really happy. She loves to pretend she's playing with the baby. And last night when I told her baby would be able to hear her soon she started talking to my belly. She rubs it a lot already and often comments on how big it is (she's in for a surprise there too since she can still fit on my lap easily at this point).This is my favorite part of the pregnancy right now. She's just so cute about it. She loves to watch the videos about how babies progress in pregnancy and talk about all their little developments. She loves to help the doctor find the heart beat. She's convinced she's getting a baby brother and will not even consider it being a girl. I have a feeling she's right, but we will find out next month. I thought she was a boy too. My whole family did. I'm not telling anyone when we'll find out so we can announce to the grandparents in a fun way. My mom is not thrilled about that of course. She still holds a grudge about me lying to her last time and waiting until she got something in the mail 4 days later. She had a lot of names other than Alexa for me that day. :)

He caught it on fire the day he had to mail it.
Oh! How about something that isn't pregnancy related. Gabe is at Battlebots! (Don't worry, it doesn't look like that picture anymore. He got it all fixed up and it's painted and everything now. This is just the only picture I have that I'm allowed to share.) He ditched me for LA and is having a good (albeit ridiculously busy) week. I got to talk to him for 10 minutes today. I haven't spoken to him for longer than about a minute since he left, and it's always been with a ton of other people in the room, so that was nice! We aren't allowed to share how it goes until the show is over (seriously, Gabe signed a contract and there a million dollar fine), but there's a pre-show episode on May 10th, and then the season airs on Thursday June 23rd at 8|7c on ABC. It will be 10 episodes total. I'm excited for Gabe to get back because we've barely talked since he started working on this a few months ago, so he owes me big time. And such a convenient time because my birthday is a week after he gets home! I deserve all the shrimp from Outback (my biggest craving) I want. And Chipotle if I'm in the mood. And lots of Disney trips! He seriously owes me. 

Anyway, that's all. Sorry this is boring, but I like having this to look back on later. And some people do want to know! If that's not you, I don't know why you wasted your time. ;)

Ciao for now.