Friday, August 30, 2013

Nine months.

I haven't done an update since Peyton was 5 months old. Woops. She's 9 months old now! An entire pregnancy. CRAZY! At her 9 month well baby check up she weighed 18lbs 4oz & she was 26in tall. She's gained a little less than 2lbs since her 6 month appointment. & she's in the 52nd percentile for weight. I swear all of her weight is stored in her chunky thighs! They're the best. So squishy.

Anyway, Peyton is awesome. She doesn't sleep through the night AT ALL, but at least she's freaking adorable. She's very chatty, & loves to bounce. You would think she'd get tired after 40 minutes, but no, not at all. We started her on solids at 8 months. I'm glad we waited. I got to spend 8 months changing diapers of an exclusively breastfed baby. They are great. Have a baby & you'll understand once they start solids. Anyway, she hasn't had any eating issues. She knew exactly what to do with a spoon, & since she's beyond the pushing her tongue out phase, it's not too messy of an occasion. She's a surprisingly clean eater. & I started her on vegetables. She loves them. Of course, she won't eat anything fruity to save my life, but she LOVES her peas, carrots, & green beans. I think that's great. (Her doctor tried to tell me otherwise, but I pretty much disagree with anything & everything base doctors tell me.) She doesn't crawl yet, which is FINE. Her doctors tried to tell me usual. But it's normal. She started dragging herself around the day after her check up. She didn't even roll until she was 7 months old, & she doesn't have any teeth. So she's a little behind in some areas, but it's totally normal. & honestly? I'm cool with not having a super mobile baby at this point. She also doesn't have that whole "stranger danger" thing that most babies have at this point. Meaning she's not at all shy. She LOVES strangers actually.

Peyton likes...

her blankie.
my boobs (HA).
banging things that make loud noises.
people that wear glasses.
people watching.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar movie.
crinkly noises.
pulling hair.

Peyton hates...

sleeping through the night.
being tricked in to napping by herself.
when I don't change her diaper fast enough.
being sleepy.
being hungry.

Okay, moving on.

We went on a long trip this summer. I was gone for a month, Gabe only for two weeks. We went to see Gabe's family in Idaho, saw my grandparents in Utah, & then Peyton & I continued on to see my family in Colorado. It was a LONG month. Not at all relaxing. But I'm going back to Colorado in September. Hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep.

So anyway, here's what you've missed (or more like what I've failed to update on) over the last few months. Told in pictures.

First time in the grass.

First plane ride.


Cousins. Two weeks apart.


Her great grandpa.

SLC temple.

Her first time swimming.

My brother Bret, & my sister Michelle.

My baby & my bestie.

My parents.

That is all.

- Alexa