Monday, May 6, 2013

Five months.

Peyton is 5 months old! Well. She was on April 25th, but I've been busy. Little miss is adorable, which is no different from past months. She's growing far too fast. I really notice it when other people are holding her. She's so long! & she has such chunky little thighs! She's not nearly as chunky as people think she is though. She's in 3-6 month clothes so she can't be that big. When you hold her you can tell she's still pretty scrawny, but she's definitely got some fat on her! I love me some baby fat. It's the only time rolls are ever cute.

18 weeks.
 She's generally a happy baby. She only gets fussy when she's sleepy or starving. She's quite content with her life. I took her to the post office & we waited in line for 45 minutes. She was silent the entire town. I'm sure everyone around me was very grateful. As of her 5 month mark she hadn't rolled over. I like to think this means she's laid back & maybe she'll be less of a handful than a baby that rolls at one month. I've read that, but I don't think it's true. Wishful thinking.

She goes to bed between 8 & 9pm, which is great. Her longest stretch is anywhere between 4 & 9 hours these days. I'm pretty dang tired, but she's so cute when she wakes up. She's just so happy to see me! I love that. & she loooves her daddy. He's not allowed to sit near me when I'm nursing her at night, or talk. If he does, she stops eating & gets distracted looking at him & smiling. It's freaking adorable.

19 weeks.

Peyton loves...

Bath time.
Trying to eat her clothes.
Pulling Anya's hair.
Stuffing things in her mouth.
Standing up.
Being in her play gym.
Being out of the house.
Her daddy.
Sucking on other peoples arms & fingers.
Grabbing my plate while I nurse & eat.

This is what happens when Gabe dresses her.
17 weeks.

Peyton hates...

Her nose being messed with.
Being left alone for too long.
Being sleepy.
Getting out of the bath.
Being hot.

19 weeks.

Gabe & I are doing well. We're very blessed. Gabe has a new calling at church. He is now 2nd counselor in the young men's presidency & the scout master assistant. He's also doing the aviation merit badge with them. He's pretty happy about it. No doubt this will be totally new to him, but I think it'll help him learn to socialize more. I'll let you in on a secret. My husband is super socially awkward. Really smart people tend to be that way & he is no exception. He gets teased for it, but if he managed to get me, he must be pretty dang great under all that awkward. =]

I started an 8 week challenge with my brother & his friends to get in shape. It started at the beginning of April. I put the sticky note to the left on my fridge. I go to the gym 6 days a week. Sometimes I get to drop Peyton off with Gabe at work so I can go during the day, but usually I go in the evenings after I put Peyton down. My clothes are fitting a lot bigger. Except my pre pregnancy pants. I have hips now so I don't think those will ever fit again. Really sad about that. I have no idea how much weight I've lost though, if any. I got discouraged after about 2 weeks because the number on the scale was showing me to be a MAJOR yo-yo. I think it has something to do with my health issues that I don't have time to worry about right now. Not a huge deal in my opinion. But I have no doubt that it's messing with my weight big time. What matters is I feel good. I love going to the gym. I look forward to it every day. It may be because it's an hour to myself, but I feel so good when I'm done. I love that feeling.

So anyway, here are a few more photos of the cutie.

19 weeks.
19 weeks.
21 weeks.
That is all!

- Alexa