Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A brief summary of the last 10 months.

I haven't updated in a long time. A really long time. Peyton was 9 months old the last time I updated. I used to be so good at this! What happen?! Oh yeah. I'm sleep deprived.

Okay. Let me sum up.

Peyton is now 19 months. She weighs about 21 pounds. She's a very happy, independent, and stubborn, little girl. She knows what she wants & even though she doesn't talk, she makes it very clear. She walks now & is incredibly busy figuring things out. She loves Mr. Moo (her stuffed cow) still, & desperately wants to snuggle with the dog. She loves nursery & going to the childcare at the Y while I work out. She's very social & can often be spotted holding hands with complete strangers wherever we are. She loves books & pushing things like carts. She prefers cars over dolls. She loves to play the piano & listen to music of any kind. Her current favourite song is Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. She dances like nobody's business. She hates wind & rain, or anything else that splashes her. She is still nursing & pretty much just sees me as a walking boob. She loves her daddy & gets very excited when he comes home.

Gabe was recently promoted to Captain. He's a busy man & we are so blessed to have him. He is currently working on some VERY big projects that he is really excited about. When he's given me the okay to publicly share, I will. It makes his nerdy side seem almost cool. ;)

I have spent the last year trying to find some talents. I like hand lettering! Love actually. It's not easy & takes a ton or practice. Calligraphy is even harder. But I'm working on it. I also have taught myself how to use my sewing machine & have made a few things, including a pin tuck duvet cover. I crochet now too. It's been a while since I sat down & did that, but I can. I also had a body part removed in April. The gallbladder. It's a stupid body part anyway! & here I am one ounce light. ;)

The exciting news is that we're moving to France next summer. Pretty cool. Gabe was accepted for a program through the Air Force that is allowing us to go live in Toulouse in the south of France for two years. We leave Ohio in January for the DC area. We will be doing language school there. There are no bases in France so we have to learn French. I believe that is a 6 month program, & then we're off to France! I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I'm thrilled! I miss Europe like crazy, but France (mostly not having a base) is going to be a whole new experience. HOW AM I GOING TO GET MY PEANUT BUTTER & MACARONI & CHEESE?!?! I stress about the important stuff. Obviously. Anyway. It's a really exciting opportunity for a family, & it sounds like we won't be doing something like this ever again. I don't know what the future holds for us beyond 2017, but until then, we will be eating escargot & crepes in France. Plus, we probably get to spend some time in Paris when we first arrive there. The guy that Gabe knows who did this exact program in the same place lived with his family in a hotel in Paris for 6 weeks. Uh. YES PLEASE!! "Paris is always a good idea." (Thank you Audrey Hepburn for the wise words.)

Anyway, on we go. Things have been a bit stressful this year, especially at the moment for myself. We are doing a lot of praying & hoping (or at least I am, I can't speak for Gabe) to know what to do with the information we have been given. Let's just say I have bad luck & a large majority of my body thinks I'm at least 40. It wreaks havoc on health. Of course, it could be a ton worse & I'm very blessed to have the body that I do. Fortunately I am always prepared to hear that something else doesn't work as well as it should. Which may sound sad, but to me it's kind of funny at this point. At least for the most part. I don't have cancer & I don't need anymore heart surgery, which is fantastic! (Speaking of cancer, my dad beat lymphoma for the second time this year & I think that deserves a mention cause that's awesome!!!) Life is constantly throwing random things at you & you just sort of have to roll with the punches. One of my absolute favourite quotes is from Neal A. Maxwell who said "Faith in God includes faith in His timing." I find that constantly applying to my life and now is no different! We are very blessed & really can't complain about the things we have.

Life is good. We have some very exciting things happening & that's what matters! I love my family to bits & I'm so happy I have them.

See you in 10 months. ;)