Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Why am I boring you with this nonsense?

I've been toying with the idea of starting a blog for a little while now. I'm fully aware that I have nothing important to say & we're not that fascinating. But since Gabe is in the Air Force & we don't live near family, I decided to start one anyway. Just in case anyone thinks to them self one day, "I wonder what's going on with Gabe & Alexa." Well! That is the purpose of this blog! So I can tell you what's happening. Even if it's nothing. If there's nothing going on, I'll either spare you the boredom or I'll make something up. For example, if the most exciting thing I do one day is take out the trash, but I feel like blogging, maybe I'll say something like "I was attacked by a rabid squirrel while taking the mile long treacherous path to our trash receptacle outside." That's much more interesting. Also a lie. But, eh, that's not important. My mom always said "never let the truth get in the way of a good story." What's important is entertainment! & currently we live in Ohio... even saying that is boring. So I may have to make stuff up every once in a while. Or only fill you in on exciting & interesting things. Which are few & far between.

So I'll just fill you in on what's happened thus far.

We got married on September 3, 2011 in the Mesa, Arizona LDS temple. People ask us why we chose Mesa all the time & I'm tired of that question. Sometimes people just pick their favourite temple. Even if it's not somewhere that they've been before. That's not why we got married there. We have a lot of family that were married there including both sets of parents...plus I'm originally from Arizona. But for some reason when people ask us where we got married, they think it's the strangest place in the world. Really? You got married in a 24-hour Las Vegas chapel & had your celebratory dinner at Pizza Hut & you think where we got married is strange? Right. (I've never actually met someone who's had their wedding like that... but it happens.)

Anya at 5 months
Our house in Ohio
ANYWAY! After our faux honeymoon at a resort in Phoenix, we went back to Colorado Springs, Colorado where I worked at Victoria's Secret & got a standard poodle puppy. (Not from VS... I realize that makes it sound like VS sold me a puppy, but we sell bras, not puppies. Just in case there's any confusion.) We named her Anya. She's now 7 months old & almost fully grown. She's a pain in the butt but she's cute so we keep her around. While I was doing that, Gabe was finishing up his masters degree in mechanical engineering at University of Colorado, which was just fantastic. He went straight from the Air Force Academy to that program & I don't think a week goes by without him reminding me of how horrible getting his masters was. That may not be true actually... I don't think he said anything about it last week. Maybe the memory is fading. Anyway. He graduated in December 2011. We then packed up our house in the Springs, spent Christmas with my family there, & at the beginning of January 2012 took a four day drive across the country to Dayton, Ohio. We will be stationed here for four years... I think. Three months down, three years & nine months to go. It's not that bad. But I really miss mountains. & there are tornado sirens here which is enough to make me incredibly uncomfortable every time it's windy or stormy. But we're in good driving distance to cool places like Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, New York. So that's nice I guess. But I really do miss being on the west side of the country. I'm not a big fan of the midwest.

Anyway. Wow. We're really boring. Things are about to get more exciting I promise. We're leaving on our actual honeymoon this weekend, a Caribbean cruise. Plus, I'm now in school full time. & there are many more things to come this year! But for now, that is all. If you made it through this whole post, I'm proud to call you my friend... or my mom... because let's face it, she's probably going to be the only one that reads this all the way through. =]

- Alexa